Alex is my name cosmotology is my game. Im planning on going to the Beauty Institute of Portland. I belong to a wonderful man.  His name is Robert Cox.  He is my everything and more.  I love him with ever shard, peice, and spec of my heart.  I like many things. Shoes is my passion. I love black eyeliner. Weird hair styles, bows, and ZEBRA STIPES!!! i love men, things will always be hard, but all you have to do is stick it out and flip life off to get through. Tattoos are my thing. Im addicted. Im expressive, not weird. I do what i want when i want, and noone tells me different. I really dont give a fuck. My favorite words are cunt, bitch, and scandalis. Im a ninja. Im a carpenter. Im strong, and would take you no matter how big you are. I dont like fat twinkys who think they know me. Or guys that lie about being single. When love comes around make sure you know that its love and if it is hold on to it and never let go im independent, and hard headed Im hyper active and i dont give a fuck i see the true beauty in people not just their exterior i have a wide vocabulary which allows me to use words some people might not understand i love to have fun and get drunch i smoke so big deal Friends are my family and my family are my friends i love you even know i dont know you, i may never talk to you, or hold your hand i love you, because you are a beautiful person in yourself and dont let anyone tell you different I love shiny things..
I’m a dirty little secret.


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